IBIZ® Metal Polish


Size: 3.0 Oz

  • Professional quality, good for all metals
  • Useable on silver, brass, stainless steel, gold, chrome, copper, aluminum, magnesium and more
  • NOT for use on clear coat wheels











IBIZ® Metal Polish and Tins

Non-abrasive yet highly concentrated, IBIZ® polish cloths and tins give any metal surface a sparkling clean. Create eye-catching color in the dullest materials, bringing new life to pieces that have been neglected and weathered by time. Fall in love with your old metal pieces, make chrome dazzle, and find new value in your old materials. A small one-inch piece will brighten even the dullest silver, brass, chrome, copper, aluminum or magnesium.

The magic is in the cotton! A short piece presents a long-lasting shine. Our metal polish is simply the best chrome polish, made with a special formula that removes surface rust. It also removes tarnish on a variety of metal materials including chrome wheels, exhaust systems, and other metals. Use the packages in the garage or throughout the home.

Warning! Do not use on plated stainless steel, plated gold, or clear coated steel appliances.

The Best Chrome Polish for Your Car

Most car owners find it difficult to maintain their cars that have chrome finishes. The problem is, while chrome is a very durable metal that can last for years, it doesn’t take long for it to get dirty and dull looking. Improper chrome cleaning can lead to accidental chrome removal, and harsh buffing can work in too deep, eroding away that which you were trying to enhance. With IBIZ® products, you can work the chrome without fear of ruining the material. The non-abrasive and highly concentrated cloths are coated in substances that are hard enough to get through dirt, dust and rust, yet gentle enough to leave the chrome alone.

IBIZ® Metal Polish ensures you have a shining result that resembles a mirror. Here’s how to use it!

Instructions for use:

  • Cut off a small piece of pad
  • Rub only one small area at a time, until the surface being polished turns black
  • Remove residue with a clean, soft, dry cloth
  • Turn cloth over or, with a second cloth, buff to a brilliant shine
  • When finished, always replace unused portion in a resealable plastic bag
  • DO NOT USE on anodized, clear coated or plated surfaces

For headlight restoration:

  • Cut off a 2-3″ piece of cotton
  • Rub vigorously onto an area about 2” x 6” until the area becomes smoother and clearer
  • Repeat procedure if needed
  • Wipe area clean
  • Seal with IBIZ® Everything Wax

Metal Polish That the Professionals Trust

For over 30 years, IBIZ® has only sold their products to professionals to remove blue color from motorcycles pipes, and gold discolor from race car headers. These include car museums, auto detailers, auto dealerships, boat yards, marinas and collector trade clubs throughout the United States. You used to have to meet us at a high-end classic car shows in order to see our IBIZ® washes, waxes, and polishes in action, but now IBIZ® is offering its products directly to the consumer!

That’s right – consumers are now able to get professional-grade products for use on their cars, trucks, RV’s, boats, motorcycles, tools, or any other vehicles. Use the IBIZ® Metal Polish around the house and go from drab to fab! Surprise your loved ones with a scintillating statement as you touch up all solid metal surfaces at home that have been neglected.

All products come with a 7-year shelf-life guarantee.

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