IBIZ® Tire Shine & Rubber Finish


Size: 32.0 Fl Oz

  • Revolutionary water-based formula
  • Restores, shines and protects
  • Use on tires, plastic bumpers and moldings
  • Safe on paint and chrome finishes











The Best Tire Shine Spray

Contribute to the overall appearance of a well-detailed vehicle with a properly cared for wheel with a tire shine spray that also doubles as a car trim protectant. Restore the jet-black patina of tires with IBIZ® Tire Shine & Rubber Finish.

Even though wheels and tires are crucial to a car’s appearance, they are often overlooked. Tires and wheels are a lot like your car’s shoes. Consider that tires are in continual contact with the ground, and are in touch with the road, tar, dirt, grime, water, salt, and grease. You want to protect them from those elements while also giving them an enhanced look for your car’s appearance.

Now you can apply our tire shine spray to make them look shiny, clean and new. When you want to dress your tires up and protect them from the elements turn to IBIZ® products. IBIZ® products make the surface of the tires look reflective, clean, and newly mounted – without giving that overly-glossy lacquered appearance.

Use Our Tire Shine & Rubber Finish for that Showroom Look

The best tire shine completes “the look” that auto detailers want and will leave you with a well-protected tire that looks like it just came out of a showroom. In fact, the difference between the newbies and car enthusiasts who consider automobiles their passion is a difference of details. What is often overlooked is just as important as what is taken care of.

And tires are no exception! If you want to treat your garage queen right or are getting ready to win top honors at an auto show, we can’t stress the importance of using our products, including the best tire shine spray and car trim protectant on the market. Our tire shine will not harm your paint and it is proven to resist the effects of harsh weather and car washes.

Instructions for use:

  • Wash tire to be treated
  • Shake bottle well
  • Lightly mist on the tire sidewall surface (make sure to cover the entire sidewall of the tire)
  • For a new tire, look simply wipe the entire surface
  • For a wet tire look, just spray and leave
  • Any drips or runs will dry clear

Function and aesthetics are key when taking care of a motor vehicle. Did you know that there are two main degrading agents that attack tires, rubber, and trim? The first is UV light, he second is ozone. Both these elements attack the long hydrocarbon chains of the rubber, and by breaking these bonds they short the molecules, causing a loss of elasticity in the rubber. To protect against this, use a proven product that has stood the test of time. IBIZ® has been around for more than 30 years, and our products have been subject to more than $30,000 worth of independent laboratory test results.

The Number One Choice for Enthusiasts and Shops

Detailing shops and car enthusiasts use it regularly. In fact, IBIZ® has been endorsed by classic car clubs, auto trade shows, detailers, and antique car museums like the Corvette Club of America, Ferrari Race Team, the Natmus Museum, and Posies Rods and Customs. We’ve also been endorsed by Rossion Cars, Street Rods Only, and the Gilmore Museum.

IBIZ® understands that it’s the little things that make a big difference. Collectors, car enthusiasts, and vehicle detailers listen up! We can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the body, frame and internal mechanics of the vehicle, thousands of dollars on details like paint and interior linings, but we’re not willing to spend a few bucks on the tires?!

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