IBIZ® Ultimate Ceramic Coating


  • SiO2 CERAMIC WAX TECHNOLOGY – Next generation ceramic wax that leaves your car with an unparalleled, high-gloss shine & protection that lasts!  
  • KEEP YOUR VEHICLE CLEANER FOR LONGER – IBIZ Ultimate Ceramic Wax acts like a hard shell sealant that puts a mirror like finish on your paint and enhances the depth of color and finish!  
  • PREMIUM VERSATILITY – IBIZ Ultimate Ceramic Wax is safe for use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and planes as well as on surfaces including headlights, chrome, vinyl,  trim, glass, and more!


Goes On Fast and Keeps A Long, Durable Shine

From the renowned IBIZ® World Class line of auto detailing products comes the Ultimate Ceramic Coating – your all-in-one solution for incredible shine and long-lasting protection on all your favorite vehicles. You can put this ceramic coating on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and planes to create a long, durable shine that will enhance your vehicles depth-of-color and shine!

The Ultimate Future of Shine and Protection

The Ultimate Ceramic Coating from IBIZ® uses cutting-edge SiO2 technology – a special formula that gives you the best protection for your car’s surfaces. You’ll get a slicker finish with deeper colors than other types of sealants, and this IBIZ® SiO2 coating will also give you a stronger bond with a thicker, tougher shell on your vehicle’s clear coat. And best yet, any wear or damage incurred to the applied surface can be easily polished off and reapplied without any loss of thickness in the clear coat.

Instructions for use:

  • Simply spray onto a clean, damp microfiber cloth and then onto the surface to be waxed (3’ x 3’ area)
  • Gently wipe surface with the damp applicator cloth
  • Quickly buff off remaining haze with a separate dry microfiber cloth BEFORE it dries completely
  • Repeat these steps until the vehicle in clean, streak-free and glossy

IBIZ® Ultimate Ceramic Coating is specially formulated for you to put on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and planes. Spread it on parts like windshields, plastic, plexiglass, acrylic, rubber, Formica, brass and sealed wood surfaces, and even use it to shine up precious stones!

Give Your Car the Best with IBIZ® World Class

You’ve got to have the absolute best protection and detailing products for your car, boat or motorcycle, so there’s no other choice but the IBIZ® World Class. Make your classic car radiant with the Montan Carnauba Wax, protect those luscious interiors with the Leather and Vinyl Cleaner, and make chrome shine and sing like never before with the Metal Polish.

Professional grade IBIZ® products are used by auto clubs, classic car museums and car enthusiasts throughout the U.S. like the Gilmore Museum, the Natmus Museum, RISI Ferrari Race Team, Posies Rods and Customs, Corvette Club of America, Street Rods Only, International Towing and Recovery Museum, Rossion Cars, Official C5/C6 Registry, Kit Car Builder Magazine, Mallet Cars, TPC Racing Porsche Race Team and many more.

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