IBIZ® Waterless Car Wash & Wax


  • Improved for quick, easy cleaning and shining
  • Floats off dirt, grime and road film
  • Won’t harm paint or wax finishes
  • Suitable on all car finishes
  • Professional quality and body shop safe
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The Best Waterless Car Wash for All Cars and Finishes

Bring out the grime and bring on the shine with waterless car wash and wax from IBIZ®. IBIZ® Waterless Wash and Wax is safe for all finishes and surfaces including clear coat, lacquer, enamel, powder coat, metallic, antique & freshly painted vehicles. Pamper your show car with the best waterless car wash in the business and give your paint a deep natural shine.

How to Use Waterless Wash and Wax

Our products are safe for all finishes and provide a mirror-finish shine, removing dirt, dust, bugs, and particles from worn out areas to restore them back to life. In many cases it is not necessary to wash before using IBIZ® Waterless Wash & Wax; if there is no mud, sand or dirt on your vehicle. With other products you have to pre-treat the area, but with IBIZ® you merely need to apply it on. Here’s how!

  • Shake the bottle enough so that the product is mixed properly and releases in a white color
  • Set the spray nozzle to the finest spray setting, and make 2 or 3 practice squirts first, then simply hold the container 1-2 feet away from the area you want to treat while squeezing the dispensing trigger
  • Work the product into the area with a damp, clean cotton or microfiber cloth, using a front-to-back motion to help the product sink into the pores of the paint
  • Take another dry clean cloth in a front-to-back motion to wipe the area dry, turning the cloth from time-to-time until dry
  • Spray on, wipe off and repeat – moving around the vehicle (if you are working too hard to remove the product it means you are using too much – less waterless wash and wax product is better; no need to generously apply)

For show cars or vehicles that are in pristine condition, you can cut IBIZ® Waterless Wash & Wax 90% with water by emitting 10% into a separate container. Refill the bottle with water, shake and it will be ready to use at a fraction of the cost!

The Top Choice for Professionals and Enthusiasts

Classic car? Don’t worry! IBIZ® products are held to the highest standards by car clubs across the country. We are officially endorsed by car enthusiast clubs, professional racers, and antique car museums across the country. These include the Corvette Club of America, Ferrari Race Team, Porsche Race Team, Antique Automobile Club of America Museum, Natmus Museum, Posies Rods and Custom and many more!

We understand the relationship you have with your vehicle and know that you’re probably using another waterless wash and wax – and wouldn’t want to compromise the integrity of your collection. But trust us when we say that, time and time again, we’ve presented IBIZ® wash and wax products at car shows across the country and we’ve made believers out of the most die-hard skeptics. IBIZ® Waterless Wash and Wax has been on QVC for 7 years with record sales on the #1 home shopping network in the nation.

Let us know how you use IBIZ® on your surface or vehicle. We want to know your story!

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